Sulik: SaS Stands Behind Heger's Cabinet, We Hope that Election Will Be in 2024

Sulik: SaS Stands Behind Heger's Cabinet, We Hope that Election Will Be in 2024

Pezinok, June 12 (TASR) – The coalition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party stands fully behind the Government, led by Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO), and it fully supports all its members, SaS leader and Economy Minister Richard Sulik stated at the SaS party congress in Pezinok (Bratislava region) on Saturday.

Sulik firmly believes that the next parliamentary election will be held in February 2024 and that there won’t be an early election.

Sulik admitted that last year’s start of Igor Matovic’s (OLaNO) Government was “very unconvincing”. “It was also because we were all completely new to the Government. I had some kind of experience from Iveta Radicova’s Cabinet, all the other ministers were new in this regard,” he said. According to him, SaS enforced the change in the post of prime minister because the functioning in the government headed by prime minister Matovic was complicated and conflicting. “Now it has stabilised,” said Sulik, who on behalf of SaS expressed support for the current head of the Government, Eduard Heger.

The SaS leader further announced that his party will also stand behind Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) who will face a vote of no confidence in Parliament on Tuesday (June 15). “Yes, we also have questions and reservations, but we do it by inviting the relevant minister to our parliamentary caucus and asking him questions behind closed doors. The interior minister answered all the questions satisfactorily and SaS MPs are behind him,” said Sulik.

The party chief went on to say that SaS ranks among the “extremely successful and experienced parties”, pointing out the fact that it’s the second oldest party in Parliament after the opposition Smer-SD.

The congress was also attended by Prime Minister Heger. In his speech, he said that SaS is no stranger to him, also because he has a long-standing friendship with one of its founding members, Juraj Droba. He described the party as established and very experienced. According to the premier, Slovakia is facing great challenges. “In order to manage them, we need to be mutually reliable and responsible partners. We need to have a strong, resilient and tenacious coalition,” he said.