Sulik to Premier: We're Ready to Talk about New Coalition Agreement at Anytime

Sulik to Premier: We're Ready to Talk about New Coalition Agreement at Anytime

Bratislava, July 11 (TASR) – The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party is ready to negotiate a new coalition agreement at any time and also wants to bring its specific proposals to the talks, SaS head Richard Sulik wrote on Monday in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO).

Sulik repeated the reasons for terminating the coalition agreement. He considers OLaNO leader and Finance Minister Igor Matovic to be a problem.

SaS maintains that it is aware of the need for a government that is functional, has people’s trust, doesn’t create tension in society, but brings solutions to all current problems. The party stated in the letter that the current government and the coalition are seen as conflicting and are accompanied by gross and repeated violations of coalition agreements.
The SaS chairman emphasised that the party’s priority is to remain in the governing coalition. “However, we can’t and won’t continue under the current conditions,” he said. Sulik also sent a copy of the letter to the remaining coalition leaders – OLaNO head Igor Matovic, ‘We Are Family’ chairman Boris Kollar and ‘For the People’ leader Veronika Remisova.

The party declared that the continuation of the coalition is its highest priority and believes that it’s also a priority for Heger. “We’re waiting for your statement and further steps towards negotiations on a new coalition agreement, at which we’ll also present our specific proposals,” Sulik concluded his letter to the premier.

SaS has withdrawn from the coalition agreement and called on Prime Minister Eduard Heger to draft a new one that will reflect the current political state of affairs and incorporate Matovic’s resignation. If the conditions aren’t met by the end of August, all SaS-nominated ministers will tender their resignations. However, OLaNO stands behind Matovic, refusing his resignation.