Supreme Court Hands Down Life Sentence in Case of Brutal Murder

Supreme Court Hands Down Life Sentence in Case of Brutal Murder

Bratislava, January 11 (TASR) – The Supreme Court on Tuesday sentenced 20-year-old Rudolf Dorcik to life in prison for a brutal murder, while his accomplice Milan Jesensky, 22, has been given an unconditional sentence of 25 years.

The Supreme Court thus overturned the original ruling of the Specialised Criminal Court, which sentenced Dorcik to 24 years and Jesensky to 20 years in prison. The Special Prosecutor’s Office appealed against the original decisions.

The two men were indicted for premeditated murder by Special Prosecutor Daniel Lipsic in July 2021, with the main trial starting on September 9. The pair pleaded guilty during the trial and sought to conclude plea bargains, but the special prosecutor rejected this idea, maintaining that Dorcik, the main protagonist in the murder who’d been convicted of a number of other crimes in the past, should be sentenced to life.

The brutal murder took place near a petrol station in Martin (Zilina region) in February 2021. According to the police, the catalyst was one of the convict’s urge to find out what it’s like to kill a man. To this end, the duo made contact with a 47-year-old stranger, identified only as Jozef, whom they lured to an abandoned civil protection shelter under the pretext of drinking alcohol with him. Following a brief discussion, the three men entered a room in which the victim was told that it was his last day and that he had to die.

In addition to having the bones in his face shattered, which was caused by multiple blows to the face and head, the victim was found with various blood bruises and abrasions all over his body. His death was caused by a plethora of injuries of varying character.