Ten Slovak Villages Elected Mayors and Councillors on Saturday

Ten Slovak Villages Elected Mayors and Councillors on Saturday

Bratislava, January 28 (TASR) – Inhabitants of 10 Slovak villages elected their mayors and village councillors on Saturday (January 27) due to various reasons – either an incumbent mayor passed away or elsewhere mayors and councillors tendered their resignations or weren’t elected in the last election.

Three villages, Rovinka (Bratislava region), Horne Turovce and Zitavany (both Nitra region), held a mayoral election on Saturday.

In Rovinka, there was only a single candidate in the race, former vice-mayor Milan Kubes, who was empowered to govern the village since July 2017, when mayor Milan Bombala, elected in 2014, stepped down due to health reasons. The voter turnout equalled almost 11 percent.

Both Zitavany and Horne Turovce villages in Nitra region will be governed by their former acting mayors Edita Grzybova and Peter Varga, respectively. The turnout in Horne Turovce with 492 registered voters stood at 62 percent, with independent candidate Peter Varga garnering 247 ballots and runner-up Ladislav Kazmer (SMK) 55 ballots. In Zitava, the sole candidate was Edita Grzybova (Smer-SD) and she acquired 331 votes at the turnout of 30 percent.

Left without mayors are the villages Ondavka, Opatka, Korejovce and Kalava, as there were no candidates willing to run for the top municipal post. Voters in these villages will get the next chance to cast their ballots in the proper municipal election scheduled for November 2018.