Tenth Annual IT Fitness Test Begins, This Year also Available in Hungarian

Tenth Annual IT Fitness Test Begins, This Year also Available in Hungarian

Bratislava, May 6 (TASR) – The IT Fitness Test, aimed at testing the digital skills of pupils, students, teachers and the broader public in Slovakia, started on Monday (May 3) and will last until July 31, Vice-premier and Investment and Informatisation Minister Veronika Remisova (For the People) told a news conference on Thursday.

Remisova added that the tenth year introduces a new feature, with the test now also available in the Hungarian language.

Test tasks have been divided into five areas: the internet, security and computer systems, collaborative tools and social networks, office tools, and comprehensive tasks. Tasks focused on working with data have been included to a greater extent, with the section on cyber security featuring, for example, tasks focused on the area of leaving digital footprints when working with social media.

“I view the development of digital skills as an inseparable part of a modern education. The coronavirus pandemic fully showed us their importance last year. Pupils, students and many adults had to improve their digital skills. For the digital transformation of society to be fair, it must be accessible to all groups of population, regardless of their age, social status or place of residence,” said Remisova.

The authors of the test claim that it’s impossible to cheat. Those interested in taking it need to set aside 45-60 minutes.

IT Association Vice-president Mario Lelovsky noted that the aim is to motivate not only students and teachers, but everyone to invest time in taking part in the test. The IT Fitness Test’s professional guarantor, Frantisek Jakab of the Kosice-based Technical University, said that new kinds of tasks have been included in the test this year in order to check reading and digital literacy.

Last year, over 21,000 respondents took part in the IT Fitness Test, while the total figure for the first nine years is over 220,000.