Three Opposition Parties Ponder Creating Shadow Cabinet

Three Opposition Parties Ponder Creating Shadow Cabinet

Bratislava, March 27 (TASR) – Opposition parties Freedom and Solidarity, Ordinary People-NOVA and We Are Family-Boris Kollar are thinking of creating a Shadow Cabinet, SaS leader Richard Sulik and OLaNO-NOVA chairman Igor Matovic reported on Sunday.

“It’s one of the scenarios we can imagine,” said Sulik, who is an MEP. Parties would like to make up such a shadow cabinet with high profile and publicly known figures. “It’s an option the three of us are considering, but we don’t know any specifics yet. Such a Cabinet might emerge weeks or months from now,” added Sulik.

All parties have already tried what it’s like to cooperate with each other, when they unofficially talked about the creation of a Coalition after the election, and later when they had to redistribute the chairmanships of parliamentary committees among themselves.

Prime Minister Robert Fico and Smer-SD also created a Shadow Cabinet that was functional between 2011-12, during the short-lived government of Iveta Radicova. Many members of this Cabinet became ministers after the 2012 general election win.

“I expect that the Shadow Cabinet will monitor the Government’s agenda, oppose it and suggest alternative solutions,” said Fico back then. Members of such a Cabinet should also come up with legislative proposals.