Transport Ministry Launches Autumn Aid Scheme for Tourism

Transport Ministry Launches Autumn Aid Scheme for Tourism

Bratislava, December 6 (TASR) – An autumn aid scheme for the tourism and gastronomy sectors for September, October and November 2021 is being launched on Monday, with the terms for this fourth call being the same as for previous ones, Transport Minister Andrej Dolezal (a We Are Family nominee) and State Secretary Katarina Brunckova told a news conference on Monday.

“This scheme will have the same parameters as the previous three and is based on compensation of fixed costs that are calculated according to drops in turnover,” stated Brunckova, adding that entities can still apply for compensation for the months covered by the first three schemes.

Head of the ministry’s tourism section Tomas Ondrcka said that applicants are eligible for aid within the scheme if the difference in their turnovers between 2020 and 2019 was 40 percent or more. He specified that travel agencies will obtain a contribution equalling 6 percent of the difference between the turnovers, while hotels, accommodation and catering facilities will get 10 percent.

The ministry plans to announce the next call at the turn of January and February 2022.

Of the aid provided by Transport Ministry to date, 75 percent has been provided to gastronomic facilities and hotels, 12 percent to travel agencies and 13 percent to other entities engaged in tourism.

Brunckova said that the ministry has paid out €124 million under this aid scheme up to Monday. The amount of 56.8 million has been paid out within the first call, €54 million within the second call and €13.2 million within the third call, however, applications are still arriving.