Korcok in Favour of Stronger EU, Pellegrini: He Doesn't Care about Slovakia

Korcok in Favour of Stronger EU, Pellegrini: He Doesn't Care about Slovakia
Left, Parliamentary Chair Peter Pellegrini and, right, ex-foreign minister Ivan Korcok (stock photo by TASR)

        Bratislava, February 12 (TASR) - Ivan Korcok, who is running for president as a civil candidate, is in favour of a stronger European Union (EU) in foreign policy as he opines that a stronger EU in the world is also in Slovakia's interest.
        Presidential candidate and Parliamentary Chair Peter Pellegrini (Voice-SD) responded that one should never give up the privilege of the right of veto within the EU and noted that any foreign interests are more important to Korcok than Slovakia's national interest.
        Korcok pointed out that he and Pellegrini have a completely different opinion on this matter. "Mr. Pellegrini, the right of veto in the EU is just a marketing shorthand for you and it's not even from your head. I'm in favour of the debate on strengthening the EU's common foreign policy because I repeat, a stronger EU in the world is in Slovakia's interest. You think that it's a threat," he noted.
        Pellegrini pointed out that the European Union is a concept of states where "big European players sit and vote equally at the same table with the smaller ones. According to him, the vote of smaller states has the same weight as that of the big ones, which must also listen to their arguments and reservations. "Ivan Korcok is clearly trying to please the big players. As a potential head of state, he doesn't want to have an equal dialogue but only wants to accept the decisions and orders of the more powerful. It may be more convenient but it is literally devastating for Slovakia and other smaller EU states," stressed Pellegrini.