Voice-SD Initiates Joint Petition Committee for Referendum on Snap Election

Voice-SD Initiates Joint Petition Committee for Referendum on Snap Election

Bratislava, January 18 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party suggests the formation of a joint petition committee for a referendum on an early general election.

Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini on Monday addressed several social organisations and opposition political parties to nominate their representatives to the committee. The committee should be set up in upcoming days and initiate the first concrete steps to collect signatures for the petition calling for the snap general election.

In addition to political parties, Pellegrini also contacted representatives of the Trade Union Confederation, Slovak Pensioners Union and the Slovak Association of Anti-fascist Fighters.

“Igor Matovic’s Government has failed to fight the pandemic and is responsible for thousands of deaths and for damage amounting to billions of euros. Parliament is unable to control the government in an effective manner and coalition partners fail to correct the prime minister’s unacceptable actions. Therefore, the only solution is a snap general election, in which people will be given the opportunity to say who has their confidence and a mandate to lead Slovakia out of the biggest crisis after WW II,” stated Pellegrini.

Independent MPs working within Voice-SD submitted a constitutional bill on shortening the current electoral term with the aim of triggering a snap general election. “However, we have no illusions about the fate of this draft, as the 95-member coalition steamroller is still functioning. Therefore, we want to give people an opportunity to express their opinion as to whether the snap election should take place or not via a referendum,” added Pellegrini. The MPs suggest that the early election should take place on September 4.

“The main role of the petition committee is to approve a legally unquestionable referendum question and to co-ordinate collection of signatures involving all the parties concerned,” said Voice-SD spokesperson Patricia Medved Macikova.

The extra-parliamentary Slovak National Party (SNS), as well as the opposition Smer-SD party have already declared their intention to collect signatures calling for the aforementioned referendum.