We Are Family Doesn't Support Extraordinary Session, But Will Attend

We Are Family Doesn't Support Extraordinary Session, But Will Attend

Bratislava, February 13 (TASR) – We Are Family won’t support initiating an extraordinary parliamentary session next Tuesday at which doubling child allowances, 13th pensions, scrapping motorway stickers and the Istanbul Convention should be discussed, party leader Boris Kollar stated on Thursday, adding that We Are Family MPs will attend the session, however.

“This extraordinary session should be nothing but a political act of [Smer-SD leader] Robert Fico to score points to buy his impunity and save the sinking Smer-SD,” said Kollar.

In the event that an extraordinary meeting is opened, MPs for We Are Family will vote for the 13th pension payment. One of the reasons is also that they have it in their election programme and during the election term they’ve submitted such a proposal twice, said Kollar. “Fico didn’t vote for it a single time. He cancelled the vote once and the other time he didn’t support it at all,” noted Kollar. MPs of the party want to ask Fico how he intends to finance the solutions.

Together Chairman Miroslav Beblavy said that MPs from his party will not present themselves at the extraordinary meeting and would not even vote in favour of the proposals. “We won’t assist [Prime Minister Peter] Pellegrini, Fico and [LSNS leader Marian] Kotleba at their wedding. We believe that other opposition MPs will do the same,” he said.

The extraordinary meeting of Parliament is set to be held on Tuesday (February 18) at 1 p.m. On Wednesday (February 12), the Government approved bills that will be on the agenda of the extraordinary session. These include a proposal to scrap motorway stickers for the use of defined road sections, a proposal to double the child allowance and a proposal to launch the 13th pension payment. All these drafts are to be debated by Parliament in a fast-track legislative procedure.

The Government also expressed its disagreement with the Istanbul Convention on Wednesday and suggests that Parliament also express its disagreement with this document. This issue should also be dealt with by MPs at the extraordinary meeting.