We Are Family Wants to Ban Construction of Mosques in Slovakia

We Are Family Wants to Ban Construction of Mosques in Slovakia

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) – The Opposition We Are Family-Boris Kollar party is proposing a ban on the construction of mosques in Slovakia because the party considers them to be a security risk, stated the party’s Vice-chairman Milan Krajniak at a press conference on Tuesday.

The party submitted a proposal to amend two laws to this effect for the next parliamentary session in March, reasoning that it’s a preventive measure.

Slovakia is the only EU country without a mosque.

“When in 2001 Islamic terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York, it seemed that it didn’t concern us. In 2004 there was an attack in Madrid, in 2005 in London, in 2015 in Paris. A year ago there was one in Brussels and before Christmas 2016 in Berlin. It’s thus approaching us,” warned Krajniak, adding that on January 21, 2017 Austrian police announced that it had prevented an attack in Vienna’s underground.

“How do we prevent the threat of such attacks as much as possible? We must halt the creation of recruitment centres for radical Islam. And mosques are just such centres,” said Krajniak, noting that several European countries, such as France, Brussels and Berlin have responded to attacks by closing down certain mosques. “Regarding the security situation, isn’t it therefore better to ban such a building instead of demolish it later? … I believe that the security risk is so great that Slovakia should proceed to this step,” he said.

We Are Family wants to amend the Construction Act and the law on Churches.