Zelnik Leaves SNS, Blames Danko for Party's Failure in Election

Zelnik Leaves SNS, Blames Danko for Party's Failure in Election

Bratislava, March 9 (TASR) – I have resigned as vice-chairman and have also quit my membership of the party, Slovak National Party (SNS) vice-chair and MP Stefan Zelnik told TASR on Monday, adding that he has done so in order to protest against the practices of SNS chairman Andrej Danko.

Zelnik via this step wants to “force” Danko to leave the party. He blames the SNS leader for the party’s failure in the recent general election, in which it garnered only 3.16 percent of the votes.

“The election clearly pointed to a specific person who provided the biggest contribution to a loss of confidence and of support as a result. I don’t want to avoid responsibility myself, but I can’t remain silent any more. The party must soon pass through a catharsis full of hardships,” Zelnik wrote in his statement.

Zelnik stated that it’s been difficult and exhausting to work in an environment in which Danko’s mistakes have turned SNS into a laughing stock. He also conceded that the SNS leadership failed to persuade the chairman to make professional and team-based decisions. “He refused to incorporate democratic principles into SNS statutes. Every hint of criticism in the party was silenced. There was no discussion at party congresses,” he said.

According to Zelnik, Danko won’t resign as chairman, as he has only a minimal capacity for self-reflection along with a desire for power and manipulation. “I can no longer cooperate with such a treacherous person, who deceived not only SNS members but also the people of Slovakia. I also honestly admit my share of the blame in the post of SNS vice-chair,” added Zelnik.