Zeman: Economic Migrants and Jihadists Must Be Deported

Zeman: Economic Migrants and Jihadists Must Be Deported

Bratislava, February 12 (TASR) – The Czech Republic isn’t xenophobic, as 5 percent of its population is made up of integrated foreigners, but it obviously isn’t possible to integrate Islamic migration into European culture, stated Czech President Milos Zeman on Friday at a conference entitled ‘Social Democracy in the 21st Century – Without Cuts and Closer to People’ organised by the ASA Institute in Bratislava.

“In [Islamic] culture, a man has the right to beat his wife, women are denied access to education and public office, and their testimony before a court has half the value of a man’s,” said Zeman.

So, the only way to resolve the current migration crisis in Europe is to deport economic migrants and those who profess religious hatred and violence, those who, “putting it simply, prepare terrorist actions”, said Zeman.

Meanwhile, it’s become obvious that economic migrants haven’t come to Europe with a willingness to work. They only want to draw social benefits. “After all, the same is being done in our countries by a group of people that’s sometimes called ‘the unadaptable’. So, why should we further expand this category of people?” stated the Czech head of state.

Zeman in his speech described himself as a proponent of the European Union, but, according to him, the Union needs to be exposed to criticism of how it’s dealt with the migration issue. First of all it wasn’t prepared for it, and when the migration wave came, too much time was wasted on “neverending prattle that migrants should be welcomed, because the EU doesn’t have a big enough labour force”, said Zeman, adding that it was apparently forgotten that the average unemployment rate in the EU reaches 11 percent.

“Well, obviously a cyber specialist from Eritrea could significantly boost the quality of the European labour force,” stated Zeman cryptically.