ZMOS Enters Strike Alert, also Calling on Its Members to Do So

ZMOS Enters Strike Alert, also Calling on Its Members to Do So

Bratislava, May 18 (TASR) – The Slovak Towns and Villages Association (ZMOS) enters a strike alert on Thursday (May 19), calling on its member towns and municipalities to also take such a step, ZMOS representatives told a press conference on Wednesday following their extraordinary congress in Senec (Bratislava region).

The association responds to proposals presented by the Finance Ministry but also the long-term approach of the state to local government. The association will evaluate the situation at the end of June. If nothing changes, it is ready to declare a strike. The Association of Self-governing Regions SK8 also declares support for ZMOS.

“The congress obliged the ZMOS bodies to prepare a strike because a strike alert was declared. Precisely because things are happening in the financial field that we aren’t happy with, which we reject because it will simply hit us very painfully,” said association head Branislav Treger at the press conference.

The association reiterates that changes in the rules may lead to a “collapse” as early as next year. ZMOS is most bothered by the tax bonus and the associated losses of €618 million over two years, the problems also include the energy crisis, public procurement and rising prices for construction work and materials. They also criticise the state’s long-term approach to local authorities, which are excluded from legislative processes and the state is turning them into an “ATM”.


The Slovak Towns Union (UMS) plans to join the strike of other local government representatives. According to UMS, it has used all its legitimate possibilities to point out that the state doesn’t take local authorities as partners. “The current measures by the state are liquidating local authorities and taking from them the opportunity to take care of their residents responsibly,” said UMS spokeswoman Daniela Pirselova.