Almost All Clients of Care Home for Elderly in Martin Coronavirus Positive

Almost All Clients of Care Home for Elderly in Martin Coronavirus Positive

Martin, April 18 (TASR) – Eleven members of staff of Martin-based (Zilina region) care home for the elderly and seriously disabled people called “St. Martin’s House” have been positively tested for coronavirus, spokeswoman for the town Zuzana Kalmanova told TASR on Saturday.

Martin District Office head Marcel Matovcik earlier in the day announced that COVID-19 was diagnosed with 25 clients of the facility.

“Based on today’s results, the Martin District Security Council held a meeting with the Martin Crisis Management Team, representatives of Martin University Hospital and Zilina regional authority’s health department. Six clients showing clinical symptoms of the infection will be transported to Martin University Hospital,” said Kalmanova.

According to Kalmanova, the St. Martin’s House complex is momentarily closed and guarded by the Martin city police. In addition to clients, all employees have been tested for coronavirus, of which five were negative. The infected employees remained quarantined either within the facility or in boarding houses.

“The security council checked the situation regarding protective aids in the facility and ensured their completion from the state material reserves. It is ready to take immediate measures if the situation requires it,” said Kalmanova.

On Saturday 100 clients and 67 staff members of the other care home in Martin, situated in the borough of Ladoven and run by the Zilina Regional Authority, were tested for COVID-19 as well. Results of the tests will be known in the upcoming days.