Blaha: Youth Enchanted by Nazi Ideology, We Need to Address That

Blaha: Youth Enchanted by Nazi Ideology, We Need to Address That

Bratislava, March 26 (TASR) – Legislator Lubos Blaha (Smer-SD) thinks that the fact that young people are enchanted by Nazi ideology is a problem we need to address, TASR learnt on Saturday.

“Young people feel fascinated with Nazi ideology. That’s a colossal problem. We have to do something about it in terms of upbringing, education and betterment of social environment. It won’t be easy, but we can’t tolerate clear-cut neo-Nazis. Since they’re already in Parliament, it’ll be hard to resolve it,” Blaha has told TASR.

Blaha said that even Adolf Hitler won the election fair and square. “It begins with [LSNS leader Marian] Kotleba sneering on a camera and it ends with concentration camps. Let’s be more cautious,” warned Blaha.

Smer-SD legislator considers LSNS and its leader Marian Kotleba to be neo-Nazi. He also condemned bringing firearms to Parliament, referring to an incident of LSNS legislator Peter Krupa, who brought a gun to Parliament earlier this week. “Guns in hands of neo-Nazis are a serious problem and we’ll have to sort it out,” noted Blaha, who is in favour of forcing LSNS legislators to go through a metal detector upon their every entry to Parliament. Legislators aren’t searched by the security staff, so they can easily bring a gun to a session.

Lubmir Galko from SaS is also in favour of such checks to be applied on all legislators, not just those from LSNS, even though it could be quite inconvenient. “MPs come and go to Parliament multiple times a day, so being checked upon every arrival could be inconvenient,” explained Galko.