Cabinet Approves Its Government Manifesto

Cabinet Approves Its Government Manifesto
From left in front, Prime Minister Ludovit Odor at a press conference on June 12, 2023 informing about the Government Manifesto (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 12 (TASR) - The cabinet on Monday approved the Government Manifesto, submitted by Premier Ludovit Odor.
       The government will now present its manifesto to Parliament and ask it to express confidence in it.
       "In addition to addressing current problems, we will also put emphasis on the future, competitiveness and success of Slovakia. The country cannot be managed indefinitely from the rear-view mirror, we cannot ignore the trends that determine life in the 21st century," wrote the manifesto's submitters. They promise to prepare strategic documents in key areas with particular steps for the future government. At the same time, the caretaker government won't open any cultural or ethical issues.
       The caretaker government's aim is to ensure the proper running of the state until the snap election, a responsible budget and a pro-European and pro-western foreign policy. "We will combine professional capacities of the state and prepare options for the future government to ensure order in public finances. Slovakia needs a realistic, effective and responsible consolidation plan," stated Odor.
       The government finds the preparation and implementation of measures to help low-income groups face high inflation and its impacts to be crucial. Instead of targeted help to those who really need it, blanket solutions dominate. And we cannot afford them in the long term in our current budget situation," stated the submitters, adding that helping weaker ones and respecting minorities might have economic benefits for the whole country.
       The caretaker ministers want to ensure the efficient use of EU funds in order to minimise their loss. Therefore, they want to propose ways to manage these precious funds in a more efficient, transparent and professional manner.
       The government also aims to retain and attract talent here. "Slovakia is not only unable to retain its talented people, but it is becoming unattractive for smart brains from abroad. Together we must ensure that this trend is gradually reversed," said the caretaker government.