CoFoE: Climate Panel Participant Satisfied with Recommendations

CoFoE: Climate Panel Participant Satisfied with Recommendations

Strasbourg/Bratislava, January 21 (TASR) – The proposals of the Citizens’ Panel on Climate Change, Environment and Health at the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) are good also thanks to the democratic process through which they were created, TASR was told by a participant in this panel Alena Trusikova on Friday.

The Civic Panel discussed the climate for the third time in early January, this time in Warsaw. The output is a 27-page document that the CoFoE plenary conference in Strasbourg is dealing with on January 21-22.

“I’m glad to have been part of this process. At the beginning we dealt with various challenges in our panel, then with defining various issues and at the last meeting we looked for recommendations to address these issues. We worked in groups and agreed everything.

The 27-page document was created in such a way that the individual recommendations were voted on by all citizens participating in the 3rd panel [meeting],” said Trusikova, pointing out, however, that it’s important what will happen with the document.

“If the document sinks into oblivion somewhere on the table in Brussels or Strasbourg, I’ll be very sorry. The European Parliament or the Commission should bring the outputs this year. I myself am curious how much of this document will be translated into reality,” said Trusikova.