Commission Proposes Closing Ukrainian Border, Mass Events to Be Restricted

Commission Proposes Closing Ukrainian Border, Mass Events to Be Restricted

Bratislava, September 11 (TASR) – Slovakia could close its border with Ukraine, with the reason being the novel coronavirus pandemic, Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) said on Friday following the meeting of the Government’s Pandemic Commission.
The measure will be proposed to the central crisis management team.

Krajci further stated that the obligation to wear face masks at schools in case of fifth graders and older pupils, at high schools and universities should be extended at least until the end of September 2020. At primary schools, for first to fourth graders, wearing a face mask will be highly recommended.

The conditions for organising mass events in Slovakia are to be tightened again from October. A maximum of 200 people will be able to take part in an event outdoors in ‘green’ districts, and 100 indoors. In ‘orange’ and ‘red’ districts, the limit will be 100 outdoors and 50 indoors. Attendance at weddings is to be restricted to 30 people.

From Wednesday (September 16), it will be forbidden to organise mass events in public catering establishments and in accommodation facilities, with the exception of weddings and funeral gatherings. Conditions for sports camps will also be tightened.
The list of ‘red’ zones will include the entire district of Bratislava and the districts of Nitra, Michalovce, Tvrdosin and Stara Lubovna. The list of ‘orange’ districts includes Malacky, Pezinok, Senec, Nove Zamky, Sala, Trencin, Puchov, Povazska Bystrica, Liptovsky Mikulas, Sabinov, Presov and Vranov nad Toplou.

The Government’s Pandemic Commission recommends a ban on visiting old people’s homes in ‘red’ and ‘orange’ districts. It is also recommended not to organise family celebrations in these areas. Seniors are also advised to be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal diseases.

The health minister also announced that the Czech Republic will be added to Slovakia’s list of so-called ‘red’ countries via-a-vis the spread of coronavirus, while the list of countries with unfavourable outlooks will be expanded by Austria and Hungary. At the same time, Bulgaria, Canada and Sweden will be added to the list of low-risk countries.