Commission to Look into Lucansky's Case Has 17 Members

Commission to Look into Lucansky's Case Has 17 Members

Bratislava, January 4 (TASR) – The independent commission that is to look into the death of former Police Corps president Milan Lucansky and his earlier eye injury has 17 members, Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (For the People) said on Monday, adding that they also invited experts.

The commission approved its statute on Monday. The members signed a non-disclosure agreement. They will only inform the public about the conclusions of the investigation, on which they will vote.

The commission includes both coalition and opposition MPs, apart from the For the People party, nominee of President Zuzana Caputova – Radovan Pala, of the ombudswoman – Tomas Citbaj, media representatives and experts from abroad, for example former Czech ombudswoman Anna Sabatova and Monika Platek from Poland.

The commission should also communicate with Lucansky’s family. The commission will vote on the conclusions. If somebody doesn’t agree, they will be able to explain why.

Kolikova also said that she currently sees no reason to consider leaving the post of justice minister over the case of Lucansky’s death and added that this extraordinary event is being politically abused. According to her, resignation at this point would be a sign of cowardice. She declared that she’ll do everything to ensure that the case is properly investigated. If it turns out that she made a mistake, the minister is ready to face it. Based on previous information, Kolikova is convinced that Lucansky’s death was a suicide.

A member of the commission MP Denisa Sakova (Independent) said that the aim of the commission is to examine whether members of the Prison and Judicial Guard Corps (ZVJS) observed all procedures. She also added that the commission probably won’t have the opportunity to look into the investigation file. Lucansky’s family will be able to get information about the commission’s work. The former interior minister also said that the funeral of the ex-police president will take place on Friday (January 8).

Lucansky’s case will also be discussed by the parliamentary defence and security committee on Thursday (January 7).

Lucansky died in hospital on December 30, the day after his suicide attempt.