Constitutional Court: Issuing UVZ Decrees in Line with Slovak Constitution

Stock photo by TASR

Kosice, December 1 (TASR) – The part of the Public Health Protection Act that authorises the Public Health Office (UVZ) to issue decrees as generally binding legal regulations is in accordance with the Slovak Constitution, the Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday.

The legal regulation was challenged at the court by Prosecutor-General Maros Zilinka.

Constitutional Court chairman Ivan Fiacan reported on the ruling following a closed plenary session. “The Constitutional Court has concluded that such legislation is in accordance with the Constitution and the constitutional law on state security,” he said.

UVZ responds to changes in the pandemic situation in relation to COVID-19 via decrees with regulatory measures.

In this case, the court accepted the Prosecutor-General’s proposal for further proceedings in May of this year without suspending the challenged provisions.