Kosice Regional Court Decides on Extradition Custody for Antonino V.

Italian entrepreneur Antonino V. (photo by TASR)

Kosice, April 20 (TASR) – Kosice Regional Court has decided to change the form of custody for an Italian entrepreneur living in eastern Slovakia, for legal purposes identified only as Antonino V., from preliminary to extradition.

Antonino V. has been accused in Italy of drug-related crimes, and a court in Venice has issued a European arrest warrant for him.

“The court has decided on extradition custody, and my client’s reaction was that he’s given up his right of complaint,” the accused man’s lawyer Jaroslav Hamza told journalists. The verdict is final, and it will depend on several circumstances when Antonino V. is extradited to Italy, said Hamza, declining to comment on the accusations.

The decision was made at a non-public session that was held under strict security measures. The court upheld a proposal of Kosice Regional Prosecutor’s Office, which submitted an original of a European warrant as well as other required documents. Antonino V. has been in custody since March 13, when he was detained by the Slovak police. Kosice Regional Court at first decided to remand him in preliminary custody. Antonino V. filed a complaint against this, but the Supreme Court rejected his complaint on April 12.

Antonino V. has been accused in Italy of offences relating to illicit trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances and of engagement in criminal gangs involved in drug trafficking. He is said to have teamed up with other people for the purpose of importing huge amounts of cocaine from South America.

“The European warrant has been extended to include the crime of money laundering,” said Kosice Regional Prosecution’s Office spokesman Milan Filicko.