OLaNO-NOVA Files Complaint Over Allegedly Forged Danko Signature

OLaNO-NOVA MPs (Daniel Lipsic on the left and Igor Matovic on the right) are filing a criminal complaint over allegedly forged Danko's signature (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 14 (TASR) – Opposition party OLaNO-NOVA is filing a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator over a suspicion of forgery of Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko’s (SNS) signature to an authorisation document for Parliamentary Vice-chairman Andrej Hrnciar (Siet).

OLaNO-NOVA MPs Daniel Lipsic, Veronika Remisova and Igor Matovic told a press conference Thursday that they want the General Prosecutor’s Office to use graphologists to verify the authenticity of Danko’s signature.

“And we also want the law enforcement authorities to investigate who was been involved in this crime,” said Lipsic. Up to ten years of imprisonment might be in store for anyone committing such a crime, added Lipsic.

“If the signature was forged, Mr Danko should draw conclusions,” said Remisova, who once again called on the Parliamentary chairman to publish the original document [authorising Vice-Chair Andrej Hrnciar to head up the session] and say whether it’s really his signature or not. The MPs didn’t rule out that if Danko has been covering up a fraud, they will take steps against him as well.

Last week the Opposition suspected Hrnciar of forging Danko’s signature. However, Lipsic is now saying that there are several possibilities and that it could have been someone from the administrative body as well.

The alleged forged signature should be on a document in which Danko authorised Hrnciar to represent him in Parliament. The Opposition has statements from several graphologists claiming that the signature isn’t Danko’s. Hrnciar defended himself by saying that even an ordinary person doesn’t always sign in the same way.

Chaos emerged in Parliament last Thursday (July 7) after Parliamentary Vice-chair Lucia Nicholsonova (SaS) opened the session in a manner that the Coalition labelled as a gross violation of the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure. The session was later terminated by Hrnciar, who had allegedly been commissioned by the absent Danko to be the only person to preside over the session.