Remeta: Criminal Prosecution of First-aid Responders Unlawful

Illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 15 (TASR) – Criminal prosecution of first-aid responders, who protested for higher salaries on Tuesday (December 14), for incitement is unlawful and unsubstantiated, Bratislava Regional Prosecutor Rastislav Remeta decided on Wednesday.
As TASR learnt from Prosecutor-General’s Office spokesperson Dalibor Skladan, Remeta ordered the police to revisit the case.

Remeta also decided that the case will be re-assigned under a prosecutor from the Bratislava Regional Prosecutor’s Office, instead of Bratislava District Prosecutor’s Office I.

On Tuesday, police arrested two first-aid responders who protested in front of Parliament on Tuesday. The police called on the protesters to disperse, due to the state of emergency being in effect in Slovakia. The rescuers refused to heed the instructions and refused to pay fines imposed by the officers. Later in the afternoon, the two health rescuers were released from holding cells.

The Medical Labour Union (LOZ), Private Medical Association (ASL) and Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK) voiced their support to health personnel and condemned the police crackdown as premature.