Suspect of Invading Presidential Palace Arrested; It’s a Czech

The intruder's face as caught by a security camera. (Photo: police)

Bratislava, June 30 (TASR) – Officers from the Office for Protection of Constitutional Officials and Bratislava police on Thursday arrested a man who is suspected of invading the Presidential Palace on Monday night, the Interior Ministry reported on Thursday.

The 35-year old man from the Czech Republic, identified only as Milan K., is now charged with “unauthorised interference with the right to a house, flat or non-housing premises”.

The man allegedly climbed over a fence into the gardens at the rear of the palace before getting into the building via the employees’ entrance. He went up to the top floor, where he set off the security alarm, but this was judged to be a false alarm and there was no response. After spending around twenty minutes in the building, the man left without stealing or damaging anything. The incident was recorded by a security camera, with the footage clearly showing the man’s face.