Zilina: Aggressive Man Attempted to Set Police Building and Officers on Fire

stock photo by TASR

Zilina, December 28 (TASR) – A man, 41, of Zilina faces charges of attack against public official after dousing a Zilina police station and police officers with gasoline and attempting to set them on fire, TASR learnt from Zilina Regional Police spokesperson Gabriela Kremenova on Tuesday.

The incident took place on Sunday (December 26). The man flew into a rage when city police officers were addressing an unspecific misdemeanour he had committed. He treated the officers of the law to some choice words.

“Subsequently he approached a building of the city police, wielding a plastic gasoline container. He doused the entrance of the building as well as the officers with the petrol. Continuing to hurl profanities at the officers and threatening them with death, he attempted to set the spilled gasoline ablaze,” stated Kremenova, adding that no injuries have been sustained.

The police officers arrested the would-be firestarter and took him into custody. “Further circumstances of the case are subject of investigation,” added Kremenova.