Reznik: Congress of Slovak Writers to Be Attended by 50 Foreigners

Poet and writer Jaroslav Reznik Sr. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 8 (TASR) – More than 200 Slovak and foreign delegates are expected to attend the Congress of Slovak Writers in the spa town of Trencianske Teplice (Trencin region) on September 22-23, TASR was told by Association of Slovak Writers honorary chairman Jaroslav Reznik Sr. on Thursday.

“We count on the presence of 150 representatives from Slovakia, while 50 should come from abroad,” said Reznik, adding that the highest numbers of foreign delegates are expected to be from the Czech Republic and Serbia, while there will also be representatives of writer communities from Spain, France and Hungary.

This congress has a special historical and political significance. “It follows on the noted congress of Slovak writers, scientists and publicists with international attendance in Trencianske Teplice in 1936 that united the intelligentsia in its struggle for peace and against the emergence of fascism,” said Reznik, adding that Europe today is close to a similar situation.

“Europe is gradually getting into similar problems like before WWII, so we want to express clearly at the congress our disapproval of such tendencies and raise our voice against growing extremism,” said Reznik, adding that the congress will also deal with the social situation of writers today in Slovakia and other countries.