Saint Stephen’s Feast in Slovakia Traditional Day of Vivid Social Contacts

A traditional hop on Saint Stephen's Day in the village of Zamutov in eastern Slovakia. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 26 (TASR) – Christians in Slovakia are celebrating on Thursday Saint Stephen’s Day, the principal feast of the Christian protomartyr, officially designated the ‘Second Christmas Day’ in the civilian calendar and held as a public holiday in the country.

Meanwhile, the Greek Catholic Church in Slovakia, which largely observes the Gregorian calendar, celebrates the Synaxis of the Holy Theotokos, commemorating, as usually, the main figure instrumental to the events of the previous day.

Saint Stephen’s Day among Latin Christians in Slovakia has traditionally been a day of social contacts – visits to relatives and friends and the first dance parties after ‘violins were tied’ on Saint Catherine’s Day (November 25).