Unique Three-kilometre Theatre Performance to Be Presented in Batovce

(Photo by poton.sk)

Batovce, September 17 (TASR) – A unique project called Miracles, which is featured on the programme of the Divadelna Nitra international theatre festival later this month, will arrive at the village of Batovce (Nitra region) on September 23, Michal Ditte, the director of Poton Theatre from Batovce, has told TASR.

The project, which connects four independent theatre scenes – Poton Theatre, Debris Company, Med & Prach (Honey & Dust) and Slava Daubnerova – is an unusually demanding project bound to the village of Batovce, both its exterior and interior, said Ditte.

“Miracles had its premiere on May 7, and now it’s going to be the first re-run of a three-kilometre long theatre pilgrimage that is unparalleled in Slovakia. Individual performances feature a total of 23 performers, 20 volunteers and ten technical staff members. It’s a unique event in the Slovak theatre environment in terms of production and merging various art poetics,” said Ditte, who’s co-authored the project with Iveta Ditte Jurcova.

“As the dramaturge, I can state that Miracles has become an interesting site-specific project that has no parallel in Slovakia. As the production manager, I’m saying that a miracle has already happened by connecting four independent theatres on one site and at one time, and by coordinating 50 people who’re very close to us in human and professional terms. As the director, I’d say that the amount of media and expert feedback to the project has given us a signal that we’ve done a good job and that it might not have been in vain,” added Ditte.