Danko: Let's not Succumb to either Fascist or Liberal Extremism

Danko: Let's not Succumb to either Fascist or Liberal Extremism

Banska Bystrica, August 29 (TASR) – Speaking on Thursday at a commemorative event in Banska Bystrica marking the 1944 Slovak National Uprising (SNP) in WWII, Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) warned against extremism, lies and propaganda.

According to Danko, there are two kinds of extremism: the fascist one and the ‘classic liberal’ one. He asked the people not to succumb to either of them. The parliamentary chair pointed out the courage and sacrifice of those who fought in the SNP. At the same time, he also expressed his respect for the last socialist president of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak.

“Even today we’re standing at a notional border where the values of humanity are being deformed and we’re witnessing the return of extremist ideologies,” he said, adding that there are people, even in politics, who distort history and wear fascist uniforms.

Danko stressed that people can’t let themselves be manipulated by lies taken out of context in the age of the internet. Propaganda and manipulation are still present, according to him. “[I’m asking you] not to succumb to either the fascist or the liberal extremism. They manipulate you and lie to you only to take control of your thinking and our beloved Slovakia,” he said.

Speaking of Husak, Danko stated that he considers him an extraordinary person full of commitment.