Danko Praises Portugal's Courage to Take out Loan to Build Infrastructure

Danko Praises Portugal's Courage to Take out Loan to Build Infrastructure

Lisbon, January 27 (TASR) – Slovakia shouldn’t be afraid of launching large infrastructure projects, Slovak Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko, who’s currently on a visit to Portugal, stated on Monday after meeting President of the Assembly of the Republic Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, praising Portugal’s courage to take out a loan worth €78 billion in 2011 to finance the construction of highways.

Danko also met several Portuguese MPs, claiming that some of them praised Slovakia as an example of economic development. “I call on everyone [in Slovakia] to not be tragedians when assessing Slovakia and its economy,” noted Danko.

“When I say that Slovakia should take out a loan worth €7 billion, many [Slovaks] make fun of me for that,” said Danko, stating that the loan Portugal took nine years ago improved the country’s infrastructure and the quality of life. “I think that we have to muster up courage following Portugal’s example and that we shouldn’t be scared to launch large infrastructure projects,” he said.

Danko admitted that Portugal is facing several challenges, among them the country’s indebtedness, which stands at 125 percent of GDP. Danko, however, is of the opinion that Portugal could be “a natural ally and an example to follow in the area of tourism and other dimensions” for Slovakia.

The Slovak parliamentary chair thanked Portugal for its support of Slovakia when it was joining the Schengen area and when it presided over the Council of the European Union in 2016. He promised that Slovakia will provide help to Portugal when it presides over the council in the first half of 2021.