Dolezal: Train Escaped its Driver to Hungary Likely Due to Negligence

Dolezal: Train Escaped its Driver to Hungary Likely Due to Negligence

Bratislava, January 13 (TASR) – The recent railway incident, during which a freight train without any locomotive driver in the cab spontaneously started moving from a Kosice train station and stopped no earlier than in the Republic of Hungary, likely happened because the driver forgot to apply the brake on the locomotive once it stopped, Transport Minister Andrej Dolezal (We Are Family nominee) claimed in his social network live stream on Thursday.

Dolezal claimed that this stems from preliminary findings. The case is still subject of investigation by the Transport Authority.

According to Dolezal, the incident with the freight train run by a privately-owned carrier happened in the Kosice-Barca station on Monday (January 10).

“The locomotive driver of this company, likely due to negligence, but that is yet to be determined by the investigation, failed to secure the locomotive after shunting. The train set into motion of its own accord because of the incline of the track and rolled all the way to Hungary,” said the minister.

The out-of-control train that coasted downhill to the Republic of Hungary had 22 cars and weighed about 1,500 tonnes.

The railway carrier ZSSK Cargo confirmed that no injuries or material damage have been reported.

The incident prompted the Hungarian railways to shut down the route between Hidasnemeti and Abaujszanto as well as the Hidasnemeti railway border crossing.