Ex-Justice Ministry State Secretary Confesses to Corruption Charges

Ex-Justice Ministry State Secretary Confesses to Corruption Charges

Nitra, November 25 (TASR) – Former Justice Ministry state secretary Monika J., who has been charged with corruption and is currently in custody, on Wednesday confessed to the charges at the National Crime Agency (NAKA) headquarters in Nitra, her lawyer Peter Erdos announced on the same day.

“She’s been testifying and she confessed, describing the crimes from her perspective. I don’t question that she confessed to the charges. She admitted her crimes and provided extensive testimony regarding them. At the same time, she mentioned all circumstances of which she has knowledge,” stated Erdos.

The lawyer noted that Monika J. has precisely described the crimes she’s been charged with. “She narrated her crimes clearly. It means that there are many things that happened differently than they are described in the charges,” remarked the lawyer.

Erdos at the same time explained that his client decided to provide testimony on Wednesday of her own volition. While the spontaneous part of questioning is over, she’s now being questioned by NAKA investigators, which means that the interrogation can last until Wednesday evening and could even continue on Thursday.

Monika J. was detained along with 13 judges and other individuals and indicted with corruption-related charges in the wake of Operation Storm, which took place in March.