Fico: Discussion Inside Smer-SD Revolves Around Party Programme

Fico: Discussion Inside Smer-SD Revolves Around Party Programme

Bratislava, June 11 (TASR) – The fulcrum of the internal discussion within Smer-SD is the party programme, with two main tasks ahead: making sure that Smer-SD remains a stable element of the Slovak political scene and that the 2020 general election result reflects the work the party has done in the economic and social areas, Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico told journalists on Tuesday.

“The whole discussion we hold in Smer these days is how to set up the programme. We need more emotions and stories. The public doesn’t respond to social programmes that much anymore; it rather expects political emotions,” stated Fico, adding that he has been meeting with all district chairs to discuss the programme.

“I want Smer to be a leftist party, but also to be a values-oriented party. Most importantly, it must be the most stable party – that’s my task,” claimed Fico.

Discussion inside Smer-SD was prompted by several Kosice district party functionaries who raised a request that Robert Fico and Robert Kalinak should resign from their party posts and urged Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini to run for the party chairman.

Seven regional Smer-SD chairs responded that the party stands united and its future will be discussed at a proper congress session, as opposed to an extraordinary session demanded by the call signatories.

Both Pellegrini and other Smer-SD representatives talk about the need to hold discussions. Fico announced the launch of internal party discussion and stated that he intends to continue leading the party up to the 2020 general election.