Fico: Lack of Labour Force One of Greatest Challenges in 2017

Fico: Lack of Labour Force One of Greatest Challenges in 2017

Piestany, December 27 (TASR) – Among the greatest challenges Slovakia will face in 2017 is a lack of labour, thinks Prime Minister Robert Fico.

“Just some three-four years ago, we were making noises about unemployment being our worst problem, but now companies are literally shouting and demanding a fresh labour force. The Government finds itself under significant pressure to give consent to imports of foreign labour, but we don’t agree with that,” said Fico during his Christmas visit to a fire station in Piestany (Trnava region).

According to Fico, Slovakia should first utilise the potential among its own unemployed, despite the fact that there are many people in this pool who have failed to complete even basic education. “I’m talking, for instance, about the Roma. This will probably pose a great challenge: not to put the brakes on an economy that is firing on all cylinders,” he claimed.

Another great challenge to expect in 2017 will be the situation in Europe. “What, for God’s sake, will happen to the European Union? If adventurers such as [former British prime minister] David Cameron conceive similar senseless referendums, the European Union will come under enormous pressure; and that would be a gigantic problem for everyone, even us, if this institution’s boat were to be rocked even more wildly,” said Fico.

With Europe bedevilled by uncertainty, it’s crucial to maintain a stable Government in Slovakia, claimed Fico. “Only countries that are domestically politically strong will survive. I hope that there’s still room for the Government to continue in a stable manner. I see no reason for us in Slovakia to be nervous about the economy, unemployment or inflation because all of these parameters have a wonderful outlook for 2017,” he stated.