Fico: Lengvarsky Should Throw in Towel, Matovic Treats Him Like Doormat

Fico: Lengvarsky Should Throw in Towel, Matovic Treats Him Like Doormat

Bratislava, November 24 (TASR) – Opposition Smer-SD party head Robert Fico stated on Wednesday that Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (an OLaNO nominee) should resign and be replaced by a “strict manager”.

Fico claimed that Lengvarsky lacks political support, especially from OLaNO leader Igor Matovic, who mocks the minister. In Fico’s opinion, there’s no point in initiating a no-confidence motion in Lengvarsky, nor in Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO). However, he asked both of them to attend Parliament in order to explain and discuss anti-pandemic measures.

Fico considers the way in which Matovic treats Lengvarsky to be ridiculous and humiliating. He thinks that the OLaNO head is making a “mere political doormat” out of Lengvarsky.

“You can see it on the minister that he can’t move an inch if he lacks political support. If Matovic doesn’t have a good night’s sleep, he can’t do anything. The health minister should throw in the towel and make room for the coalition to consider his replacement,” said Fico.

Speaking on Radio Expres’s Brano Zavodsky Live show on Tuesday, Matovic stated that ex-health minister Marek Krajci – Lengvarsky’s predecessor – would be “one hundred percent a better minister than Lengavrsky”. In mid-November, Matovic lambasted Lengvarsky over the Health Ministry’s vaccination promotion campaign, calling it a “toy-shop” one.