Fico: Media and Opposition Spread Hatred, It Brings Security Risks

Fico: Media and Opposition Spread Hatred, It Brings Security Risks

In Slovakia, the media and the opposition are spreading enormous hatred, so it must be reflected somewhere, MP and leader of the coalition Smer-SD party Robert Fico stated on TA3’s discussion programme ‘V politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday, adding that it is reflected in security risks that are emerging.

Fico was explaining the reasons why he continues to use a state security detail even after he left the post of prime minister.

Fico stated he was the longest-serving prime minister in Slovakia’s history, and when someone is in the “front line”, he also divides society. “Let this topic be. Either there are reasons for protection and co-operation with the Office [for the Protection of Constitutional Officials] will continue or they’ll tell me that there are no longer grounds and then co-operation won’t continue,” he said.

The Smer-SD leader said that the media are always writing what they want, but they rarely give space to an attacked politician to defend himself. He is therefore in favour of promoting the right to reply also for public officials through the amendment to the Press Act. Fico noted that this is a law typical for many European countries. However, it’s also necessary to look at a certain degree of regulation of discussion posts on the internet.

“I regret that we have all sorts of idiots with a feeling of inferiority who haven’t achieved anything in their lives, they’re 30 to 35 years old, still living with their mum in a children’s room, writing nonsense and spreading enormous hatred,” said Fico, adding that everyone can write what they want, but they must also bear some responsibility for it. According to the MP, it will therefore be necessary to require identification of posts to know exactly who is writing and saying what, or the website operator or media will be assigned responsibility for it, if they allow such discussion.