Fico: Smer's Goal Successfully Completed Governance and Another Election Win

Fico: Smer's Goal Successfully Completed Governance and Another Election Win
Smer-SD leader Robert Fico at the Smer-SD congress in Bratislava on November 17, 2023 (photo by TASR)

        Bratislava, November 17 (TASR) - The basic political goal of the senior governing Smer-SD party is successful governance, ending with another victory in a parliamentary election in 2027, Prime Minister and party leader Robert Fico told the party's congress at Bratislava Castle on Friday.
        In his speech, Fico named what the government should focus on in the coming months.
        "I don't see successful governance as a summary of numbers, indicators and graphs ... We'll be successful in 2027 only if people can state that they are living better, more peacefully and more securely," stressed Fico, referring to the slogan from the government manifesto.
        Fico emphasised the need for political stability in government and efforts to minimise conflicts within the coalition. He appealed for the adoption of rapid political decisions aimed at showing interest in "stabilising disrupted public finances at a reasonable and sustainable pace".
        At the same time, a sufficient financial reserve should be created to compensate for high energy prices, especially for households. Fico also wants to reduce the effects of high interest rates on mortgage loans and after adjustments during 2023, while he announced direct mortgage assistance in 2024.
        The premier confirmed the goal of creating the financial conditions for paying full 13th pensions. He also emphasised the need to have all the necessary regulatory tools and resources available for possible interventions in the event of significant fluctuations in food prices.
        According to Fico, the government should also take an immediate decision on how to transfer the largest possible volume of finances from EU funds to the regions, towns and municipalities and to simplify the administrative complexity of drawing them as much as possible.