Analyst: EU’s Website Seems to Be Pulling Pranks on Visitors

Flag of EU (Wikipedia)

Bratislava, August 28 (TASR) – The European Union has adopted several good internal measures on approximating itself to the public, but it keeps to be sabotaging this very same approach on its own website, for example, political analyst specialising on EU affairs Radoslava Brhlikova has told TASR.

“I myself have frequently had problems finding information on the website, despite using it almost every day. It seems to me sometimes as if the website designer or administrator were doing pranks on its visitors,” said Brhlikova, adding that EU officials don’t engage in comprehensible communication with the public, either.

According to her, surveys confirm that EU is viewed by the public chiefly through the lens of freedom of movement. “Nevertheless, common people also know the EU through megalomaniac and useless projects financed by the EU funds that often don’t bring what had been hoped for. Why is a huge villa with spacious grounds funded from the Rural Development Fund if it doesn’t serve the declared goal of the project? Where are the promised jobs and development of the region?” she stated.

When asked about the informal EU summit on the Union’s future scheduled to take place in Bratislava on September 16, Brhlikova said that she doesn’t expect much of the meeting.

“In fact, I don’t expect anything – but I’d be pleased to see it leading to something like the Maastricht Treaty,” added the analyst, referring to the 1992 document that added a major political dimension to the then European Community, transforming it into European Union.