Cabinet Okays Recognising Documents on Education with China

Education Minister Martina Lubyova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 4 (TASR) – The Slovak Education Ministry should sign an agreement on recognising university diplomas, school certificates and academic titles with China, according to a ministry-sponsored proposal approved by the Slovak Government at its session on Tuesday.

The agreement is a reaction to the current process of mutually recognising education documents pursued by the two countries. “It’s a precondition for making matters simpler in the case of academic recognition, i.e. for the purposes of continuing studies in either of the two countries,” reads the proposal.

China initiated the agreement in order to enhance cooperation in the field of education, science, research and in order to support the mobility of talent between the two countries. The Chinese approached the Slovak Education Ministry in 2016 with a request to launch negotiations on a Slovak-Chinese draft agreement relating to the aforementioned activities.

The agreement defines the requirements that Chinese students must meet in order to be admitted to Slovak universities and vice versa. It also specifies individual university diplomas and certificates that students can obtain in Slovakia and in China.