CoFoE Last Plenary Session to Take Place on Friday and Saturday

European Parliament (photo by

Strasbourg, April 29 (TASR) – The final plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) will take place in Strasbourg on Friday and Saturday, the conference website has reported.

At the session, the conference will present the final set of proposals, which was preceded by two sessions at which draft documents put forward by the nine working groups were discussed. EU citizens who have been taking part in the conference will have an opportunity to express their views on the proposals directly at the meeting.
With the last plenary session, the year-long process is coming to a close. On May 9, the Executive Board of the CoFoE will hand over its final report to the presidents of EU institutions.

The plenary of the CoFoE consists of 108 MEPs, 54 representatives of the Council of the EU, three members of the European Commission, 108 equal representatives of national parliaments and 108 EU citizens: 80 representatives from the CoFoE citizens’ panel discussions, 27 from national panel discussions and CoFoE-related events (one from each EU-member country) and the chair of the European Youth Forum.

There are also 18 representatives of the European Committee of the Regions (COR) and 18 representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), six elected representatives of regional authorities, six elected representatives from local authorities, 12 representatives of social partners and eight representatives of civil society.
The plenary sessions of the Conference are chaired by three co-presidents of the executive board. They are held on the premises of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.