Danko: Britain Will Regret Brexit after Some Time

Parliamentary chair Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) – Britain will definitely regret leaving the European Union after some time, Slovak Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) told a news conference held during the Conference of EU Parliamentary Chairs held at Bratislava Castle on Monday, adding that he believes that the Union will then take the British back.

In connection with Brexit, Danko said that the EU will experience hard times. There’s no other way within the EU but to be united. “European Parliament President Antonio Tajani pointed to the hard times waiting for the Union in terms of unity, stressing how difficult it is to protect power in individual countries against parties that spread extremism, xenophobia and attempt to break up the EU. We must stand up to forces like this,” said Danko.

The Slovak parliamentary chairman said that leaders of EU-member states must hold political power in a way that won’t allow for another Brexit. “We must do our utmost to prevent such voices from winning in any member state,” he said.

Danko stated that the biggest challenge according to Tajani is warning that no EU-member state is able to be a partner to powers such as the USA or China on its own. “There’s a need to show everybody that there’s no other way than by the EU, especially if Slovakia wants its citizens to feel stronger social certainties, similar to those felt by the citizens of older EU countries,” said Danko.

Tajani added that very good cooperation between chairs of national parliaments and the EP president is being formed. He described an agreement on Europol as a very strong signal for the public and against terrorism. “We’re sending out a very strong signal on strengthening the fight against terrorism and crime. Europe wants to protect its citizens,” he said.

The European Union doesn’t only face the threat of terrorism, but also migration. “This is another reason why we need more Europe,” stated Tajani, highlighting the need to cooperate with Turkey and northern Africa.

Tajani reiterated the need to take specific steps to prevent EU citizens from resorting to extremism. He stressed the need to strengthen European industry and to address unemployment, chiefly youth unemployment, and praised the steps that have been taken in the field of security.