Danko: Macron’s Election New Hope for Necessary Unification of EU

French President Emmanuel Macron. (Photo by AP)

Bratislava, May 8 (TASR) – Slovak Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) on Monday congratulated centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron on being elected president of France in a run-off against National Front’s Marine Le Pen on Sunday, Parliament communication department director Zuzana Cizmarikova told TASR.

“For us, he represents a new hope for the necessary unification of the European Union,” stated Danko in reference to Macron.

According to the chief of Slovak Parliament, France on Sunday presented an example to Slovakia of how to “halt people who only keep taking potshots in politics, offering only conflict and selfish solutions”.

Danko added that this choice by the French people is better not only for France, but also for the whole of Europe.

Macron, who set up his centrist En Marche movement only one year ago, gained 66 percent of the votes in the run-off. The turnout on Sunday reached 74 percent, the lowest figure for a run-off in almost 50 years.

Aged 39, Marcon has become France’s youngest president ever.