Fico: EU’s Fundamental Policies Must Change Following Brexit

Prime Minister Robert Fico. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 24 (TASR) – The Slovak Government respects Thursday’s decision of British voters to opt out from the European Union and no further comments are necessary, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated on Friday.

“It’s no tragedy, but reality, with the remaining 27 EU member countries now having to react quickly. It’d be a big mistake, if the reaction of these 27 countries were the same as the EU’s policies have been so far, however. A huge part of people in Europe rejects the EU’s migration policy and it’s unhappy with its economic policy, too. Now, it’s up to us to say that EU’s fundamental policies must undergo substantial changes,” stressed Fico.

The Slovak prime minister further noted that at meetings with several senior European politicians, acting as the premier of the soon-to-be-presiding EU country, he’s proposed to organise an informal debate on the future of the EU.

“We must propose more attractive approaches to issues that are being viewed negatively,” said Fico.

The premier further pointed out that practical issues concerning Brexit will be dealt with by the EU with Slovakia as its presiding country. According to him, the Slovak Government has therefore huge responsibility, so the Opposition should refrain from its attempts of “state destruction”. He was referring to Opposition attacks against him and Interior Minister Robert Kalinak for their alleged links to businessman Ladislav Basternak and his supposed tax frauds.