Fico: I Can’t See Any Other Living Space for Slovakia than EU

Prime Minister Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Rome, March 25 (TASR-correspondent) – The Rome Declaration adopted unanimously on Saturday at the ceremonial summit of 27 EU-member states in Rome, marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, has made it clear that the Union wants to carry on united, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told journalists after the event.

“I don’t see any other living space for Slovakia than the European Union. Anyone claiming that Slovakia would be able to survive as a neutral state is lying. It’s very dangerous to go at European institutions like a bull at a gate. Nobody is claiming that they’re perfect, but we don’t have anything more perfect. We should realise that Europe is probably the best place for life worldwide. It’s an oasis of peace and security. So, as long as I’m prime minister, I’ll continue doing everything possible for Slovakia to be viewed as a trustworthy partner in this unique project,” stated Fico.

According to the Slovak prime minister, the Rome Declaration highlights certain points of an agenda for the EU’s future that must be focused on. “This primarily means a safe Europe, a Europe experiencing a strong economic growth, and a Europe that will again be the world’s best and wealthiest region,” said Fico, adding that the document also stipulates the EU’s role as an important global player and a “space for strong social policies”.