Fico Outlines Aspirations for Bratislava Summit Two Weeks from Today

Prime Minister Robert Fico and European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels discussing the main programme points and objectives of the Bratislava Summit (photo by TASR)

Brussels, September 2 (TASR correspondent) – Leaders of the 27 EU-member states at the informal summit in Bratislava will try to define the condition in which the EU has found itself after the British referendum, said Slovak Prime Minister Rober Fico after meeting European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels on Friday.

Fico met Tusk in order to prepare the main programme points and objectives of the Summit set to take place on Friday, September 16.

The Bratislava Summit should among other things evaluate the impact of the migrant crisis on the EU as well as set out five or six priorities for the future of the Union, stated Fico.

He stressed that the leaders in Bratislava will discuss the future of the EU for the first time after June’s British referendum.

“We would like the summit to give a clear response to all the people living in the EU that the Union – despite the decision of the British citizens to leave it – is vital and ready to set new, ambitious targets and protect its people against many negative phenomena,” said Fico.

Apart from discussing the post-Brexit situation in the EU, the agenda of the Bratislava Summit will include the migration and security issues, fighting terrorism, digitisation, support for investments and strengthening of the so-called Juncker Investment Plan.

“It’d be ambitious to expect that the Summit will bring all the answers, for example, in terms of migration issues. But we want to define the areas that will be offered to the public as an opportunity to create a Europe of higher quality with greater security, even in terms of social and economic life,” said Fico.