Flasikova-Benova: Britain Must Not Extort Other EU Member States

Slovak MEP Monika Flasikova-Benova (photo from her official Facebook page)

Bratislava, February 15 (TASR) – Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron won the general election mainly due to his promise to hold a referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the EU or to push through some kind of new privileged conditions for staying in it, but other EU members shouldn’t allow themselves to be held to ransom, said Slovak MEP Monika Flasikova-Benova on Monday.

Flasikova-Benova said that Cameron can’t expect that politicians from other EU-member states will come to Britain’s aid due to his shortsightedness. “He won [the election] and now he has to keep his promises. That doesn’t mean that other countries, mainly from central and eastern Europe, will let themselves be kicked and their citizens described as some kind of second-class people,” stated Flasikova-Benova.

According to the Slovak MEP, Cameron bears full political responsibility for the British referendum, and there’s no reason why representatives of the EU and other member states should comply with his ridiculous demands. Any kind of attempt by Britain to scare the rest of the EU with its departure is just stupid extortion, asserted Flasikova-Benova.

“The social sphere and the rights of the working class are among the most sensitive issues in every single country. Slovak citizens working abroad often receive less money than British nationals for the exact same work. It’s absurd and in contradiction with basic human rights if the British Government wants to deprive them of all other benefits to which they’re absolutely entitled,” emphasised Flasikova-Benova.

Such a move would create a dangerous precedent of giving a privilege to one country over another, said Flasikova-Benova. Most of Cameron’s demands lack any sense. “For instance, it would be preposterous if Britain, which isn’t a member of the eurozone, were given the right of veto in matters concerning the eurozone,” stated Flasikova-Benova.