Kiska: More Discussions on EU Needed Partly Due to Hostile Propaganda

President Andrej Kiska addressing the audience at the National Convention on the EU (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 22 (TASR) – It’s necessary to speak more about the European Union partly because there are voices in Slovak politics that have been directly or indirectly questioning the country’s membership in the Union, stated President Andrej Kiska in his speech as part of the National Convention on the EU, which is taking place in Bratislava on Thursday.

Kiska added that the public discourse features propaganda that promotes nationalist and extremist political movements and helps them strengthen their influence on the public.

“We cannot underestimate it. We can’t take the current support of the people for granted,” said the president, pointing to a recent poll according to which almost 70 percent of Slovaks are in favour of the country’s membership in the EU.

The president further stressed that Slovakia is one of the most prosperous and safest places in the world. “We have voluntarily agreed to join the amazing project of European cooperation, which has brought peace and prosperity to the European continent. This is where we belong. This is the future we want to provide to our people. That’s why we must be capable of and willing to insist on our values, advocate for them publicly and strengthen the meaning of political declarations through real deeds,” he said.

In his speech Kiska once again drew attention to the joint declaration on the country’s foreign policy signed by the top Slovak constitutional officials last October, in which they agreed to continue pro-European and pro-NATO policies. “We have confirmed that Slovakia should contribute towards the stability and unity of the European Union and that it wants to be a part of further integration,” said the president.