Kiska: We Can Learn Great Deal from Romania in Fighting Corruption

Slovak President Andrej Kiska (left) and his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis in Bucharest (photo by TASR)

Bucharest/Bratislava, October 10 (TASR corespondent) – Romania is showing Slovakia that economic growth can be linked to the fight against corruption, stated Slovak President Andrej Kiska after meeting his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis in Bucharest on Monday as a part of his two-day official visit to Romania.

“There are many things in this way that we can learn from Romania,” said Kiska, adding that he isn’t flattering Romania simply out of courtesy.

Over the past three years, the anti-corruption office in Romania has begun action against thousands of state officials, including top politicians. Iohannis noted that corruption threatens the consolidation of democracy, slowing down economic growth and discouraging investors.

“I think we’re on the right path, but we still have a lot to do,” said Iohannis. According to him, if the Slovak authorities are interested in exchanging experience in fighting corruption and they would like to learn about the Romanian model in more detail, his country is open to sharing its knowledge and providing help.

The presidents also discussed Romania’s efforts to integrate itself into the Schengen area. Regarding this issue, Kiska stated that the country has Slovakia’s full support. “We’ll do everything in our power to help Romania,” he said.

In addition, the heads of state spoke about the migration crisis and other issues currently troubling the European continent.

Earlier in the day Kiska bestowed the Order of the Double White Cross Third Class on five Romanian war veterans that took part in the liberation of Czechoslovakia during WWII.

On Tuesday (October 11) Kiska will speak at a Slovak-Romanian economic forum, and he’ll also pay a visit to a Slovak community that has been living in Romania for more than 200 years.