Korcok: Slovakia Both Red and Green in UK, We See Lack of Coordination

Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 16 (TASR) – The UK has two lists indicating the level of risk posed by countries vis-a-vis coronavirus, Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (an SaS nominee) stated at a press conference on Thursday, explaining that while the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has listed Slovakia as a ‘green’ or safe country, the British Ministry of Transport has deemed Slovakia to be a ‘red’ country.

“We’ve been holding talks on this every day since we were informed about the British decision [not to put Slovakia on the safe list],” stated Korcok, adding that he’s supposed to speak to the British Minister for European Neighbourhood & the Americas Wendy Morton on Thursday and that he’ll demand that the two lists be brought into line.

According to Korcok, Slovakia has been achieving excellent results in terms of containing coronavirus, which should be reason enough for Britain to reconsider its approach towards it regarding this matter.

“It needs to be taken into consideration that Great Britain’s decision has been viewed as controversial within the country itself,” noted Korcok. “We perceive a certain lack of coordination on the British side,” he added.